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Good Dawson's Creek Icons

A Community for Good DC Graphics

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Basically, the name of the community name says it all. This is a place for people to find and share high quality graphics pertaining to the television show Dawson's Creek. Here you will find icons with excellent overall composition (i.e. good coloring, cropping, texture and font use). The standards of the community are not so stringent that no one will be able to meet them but, keep in mind, this community is looking for high quality.

In order to become a posting member of this community, you must FIRST APPLY HERE and be approved by the moderator. You may join the community, but you will not be granted posting access until you have been approved.


1. If you intend to post more than 3 icons, please use a LJ-cut or post an outside link to an icon post in your own journal.
2. All posts MUST contain icons. If you want to promote your new community/journal, that's fine, but only with some icons.
3. Please do not post bases unless they are being posted with other icons. Icons without text are ok, but not a 100x100 picture.
4. Always, always, ALWAYS....follow the rules as stipulated by the individual creators regarding their graphics. If creators complain about you taking their work without following their rules, you will be warned once then banned if you fail to heed the warning.
5. If you don't want to post, but want to watch the community, do not apply, just friend it.
6. If you would like to affiliate, please go to the Application Post and simply ask to affiliate. :)

Any other questions, feel free to ask via comment (to the application post) or email the mod (at bethyss18@livejournal.com).


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